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Contact: Ryan Surdi
Work 623 Route 112 Patchogue NY 11772 Work Phone: 631-447-0350 Website: RBQuality.com


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 Why Solar Now?

With the ever increasing cost of our electric bills, (9% per annum) the time is now to focus on alternate forms of energy. And what better way than utilizing the free energy of the sun! Not only will you reduce or eliminate your electric bill, but owning the system is an investment that on average will pay for itself within 5-6yrs and has an impressive ROI over the lifetime of the system. Additionally, during times of overproduction, PSEG will give you credits that reside in an “energy bank” account to pay for grid usage when the sun doesn’t shine. At the end of the year, the excess energy credits (if not utilized) will be sold to PSEG putting money back in your pocket effectively eliminating the electric bill and making you money. Never again will you have to worry about annual increases or spikes and hikes in your electric bill, your solar PV system essentially frees you of these monetary headaches.


Solar Installation by R and B Quality Electric

Solar Installation by R and B Quality Electric

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