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Company Profile Best Energy Power (BEP) started in 2003 and was incorporated in 2007 by CEO Ronnie Mandler, an entrepreneur in renewable energy with a proven track record of success in various other industries.

The goal of BEP is to create, design and install solar energy (a one stop shop) with a competitive edge on a lean and mean basis. BEP concentrate on the core business, using only top tier equipment at a competitive price, and have the CEO Ronnie Mandler involved in every detail of the business.

In a very short time, the concept proved to be successful. BEP quickly became the leader in small commercial solar projects across the five boroughs of NYC.

BEP currently holds about 22% of total commercial installations in NYC.

BEP has designed & installed a few Meg of KW every year for the last few years, while majority of buildings are multifamily apartment buildings and some office and commercial buildings.

BEP also designed and installed Carports.

There is a detailed map of sites on BEP web site:

BEP holds an AAA+ rating of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

BEP has steady financial strength, with no debt and with an almost unlimited vendor line of credit.

BEP offers our customers a hassle-free and problem-free experience with turnkey project management by top-of-the-line experienced professionals.

BEP uses only top-tier equipment. The panels are supplied by a diversified company such LG, who manufactures products other than solar, thus, if there is a future downturn in the economy or solar industry, that company can weather the storm.

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20 W.Fairview Avenue Valley Stream NY 11580

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